Pres. Duterte says opposition has nothing good to say despite gov’t achievements: “No Matter What You Do, There’s Always Something Bad About It.”

President Duterte hits the opposition for criticizing his every move but are very silent on his numerous achievements, especially his infrastructure projects under his Build, Build, Build program.

Build, Build, Build

From the impressive Paranaque International Terminal Exchange to the eco-friendly Panglao International Airport in Bohol, we have seen a lot of key infrastructure projects from the Duterte administration. This is under the ambitious Build, Build, Build program that hopes to transform the country to one of Asia’s great in terms of economy.

The planned infrastructure projects will decongest Manila, generate millions of jobs for Filipinos, and more importantly, invite and lure foreign investors into the country.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

Despite this key achievements, Duterte bared that his detractors couldn’t even give credit where credit is due. He said they still had nothing good to say about the government. “No matter what you do, there’s always something bad about it.”

In the groundbreaking ceremony of his latest infrastructure project, the Panguil Bay Bridge in Lanao Del Norte, the president said that the Build, Build, Build program is just beginning.

“You wait until Public Works Secretary Mark Villar presents our Build, Build, Build program. The seemingly endless roads and bridges, those are the products of the Build, Build, Build. But then the opposition side cannot see anything good,” the president exclaimed.

Better Shut Up

But amid all the criticisms, the president vowed to continue performing his serivce to the country. He will stay true to his promise to the people that he will give them a safe and comfortable life.

He also advised his detractors to shut up if all they do is criticize the government, saying that the opposition’s tunnel vision seem to only find fault in his administration and blind on it’s achievements.


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